Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And the race is on....and I'm behind already....

It seems like yesterday that school started, but it has been almost 3 weeks. I feel like I am already behind. I seem to grade papers, grade papers, and then grade more papers. Every time I turn around there is something else to grade. Michelle says that I'll soon learn not to take so many things for a grade. I want my students to have ample opportunity to keep their averages up and I also need to assess what they have learned so far. We are quickly approaching midterm exams in October. I hope that I can move things along soon. Everything seems to take twice as long as I thought it would. Oh well. Who knew 9th graders could get into so much trouble. Everyday I get a note about a different student who is in In School Suspension (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OS).

On a good note - I had my first lesson plan check and snapshot evaluation. Both of those went well. The only note he gave me that was in the slightest bit negative was that my standards posted on the wall aren't big enough. I'll try to print those out bigger soon and get them posted before my next evaluation. I am in the middle of trying to figure out our online grade book. Of course we have to keep a written copy as well.

Chloe is doing okay adjusting to the school schedule. Some days she can't hold it until I get home, but overall she has many more good days than bad days. We are both still trying to adjust to our new place. I still have a lot that needs to be unpacked and put away. It is starting to weigh on me, so hopefully I can get to a lot of it this weekend.


The Knox Clan said...

I'm glad your spot review went well. I'm sure you're a great teacher.

A commercial for a chick flick came on yesterday and I immediately thought of you. Who is going to take me to see chick flicks now?????


Maƫl said...

Great to hear your update ... I know the feeling about grades. Labs are starting to come in and I can look forward to up to 86 labs to grade every week. It will actually be more like 60 since many students do not show up for my physical science lab.

As for the chick flicks, Margaret, just get Alan to take you. BTW - are you the one who stole Patty away from us? She took us out to the movies with her and then I guess you came along: party pooper!

Patty, we love you and we miss you. Margaret, we love you too.

Lindsay H. said...

Show me some pictures...please. I am visual and I would love to see your room. Since you are a new teacher, I will give you a couple more weeks but that is it.

I am glad everything is going so well.