Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay, so I know that I am several days behind, but in my defense I am a NEW teacher. Let me back up a couple of days and tell you how things have been going.

Monday, August 18th--I finally finished my classroom! Yeah! I was so happy to be done with the decorating. We had our first faculty meeting. Mr. Kight, our principal, made all of the new teachers to the school stand up and introduce themselves (you know I loved that). Everyone was very nice and gracious in telling me that they would give me their names again. Mr. Kight took all of the new teachers on a little field trip to see the new school. I can't wait to be there next year.

Tuesday, August 19th--I found out today that I am going to have a co-teacher during 1st and 3rd period. That threw me for a loop. Apparently, I have a significant number of students in those classes that need modifications. I'll just have to see how it goes. Today was open house. The parents and students came from 3pm-6pm to meet the teachers and see which classes their children were going to be in. The students had to find their name on a list and then go to the homeroom listed. When they came to their homeroom class, we, the teachers, gave them a copy of their schedule. The schedules were very confusing to read, so I whipped out my highlighters and tried my best to help people figure out where they were going. I had to ask the teacher next door to me, Ms. Wilkinson or Michelle, several questions about where things were. She has been a great help and source of information. I met all but six of the students from my homeroom class of 26. I also met around 30 of the students that I would have in my three 9th grade Literature and Composition classes. I have 77 students on my rosters. My mom came by at the end of open house to see how I was doing. I had a great time getting to meet the students and my parents. Here are some of the comments I heard: "You have a northern accent" (what??), "You have a baby voice" (yeah, I know), and "You sound like a literature teacher. You must love this stuff" (you betcha). These comments were from the parents. Can't wait to hear what the students have to say. I was excited for the first day of school, but I found out that night that I definitely need to wear comfortable shoes b/c after standing for three hours my feet were hurting.

Wednesday, August 20--Teachers had to report at 7:25am this morning. I got to school around 6:50am. I guess I was just so nervous that on my way to school I had to pull over on the side of the road for a minute. Once I got to school and got all of my stuff settled into the classroom, went and signed in, and then came back and set up my lesson for the day - I was feeling much better and very excited. My homeroom class went very smoothly - I didn't mispronounce any one's name. Then I had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period classes. We only had 1st period for 1 hour b/c of our extended homeroom, so I accomplished as much as I could with them. Then second period we were called out of class for the 9th grade assembly. I had that class for about 45 minutes, then we had a thirty minute assembly, and then 15 minutes more of class time. I had my 3rd period class for the whole 90 minutes b/c this is the period in which we go to lunch. My class has 2nd lunch. Therefore we have 30 minutes of class time, go to lunch for 25 minutes and then come back for 1 hour of class time. I have great students. I was so happy with how things went on the 1st day. Of course, my feet were killing me, but I figure I'll get used to standing most of the day soon. I had been telling my mom for weeks that after school let out on the first day I was going to go home and have a good cry and then take a nap. Well, I didn't do either. I was too excited about how well things went. Oh, I forgot to mention I have three different administrators' relatives in my classes. I figure they want to get scoop from the students. Mr. Kight also came by during 1st period to see how things were going. I was in the middle of introducing the literary element mood by using theme songs from scary movies and TV shows. I was asking the students after each song selection how that particular song would enhance the mood of the movie. Mr. Kight said "Have you played Jaws yet?" I laughed and told him, "You just gave away the next one!" He left shortly after that. He saw my Dad later that day at the school (he was there on official business, not checking up on me) and Mr. Kight told him that it seemed as if I had everything together and was doing well. We'll see.....

Thursday, August 21--Today went great as well. I have a couple of repeaters in my 3rd period class who are a handful, but I think I can handle them. On Monday I am going to give this class assigned seating to separate some of the instigators. I am pretty exhausted. I think it is because I was so nervous leading up to this week and the amount of work I have been doing to get ready. I still don't have a bank of lesson plans made up. I am just staying one day ahead of the students. I guess that will just have to do for this semester. I came home and crashed today. I changed clothes, pulled my hair up in a ponytail, and crawled under a blanket on the couch. Chloe came and laid on my side and we took a nap. I also went to bed around 10pm.

Friday, August 22--I am feeling refreshed in the morning and very happy that it is Friday. Today went well. I am still getting used to having a co-teacher in my 1st and 3rd periods. It is hard for me to allow someone else to teach part of my class. You know how I want to be in control. One of the nice things about it is that I do get to rest my voice while she is doing part of the lesson. It is also a help to have someone assist students with questions while they are working on their assignments. I still seem to accomplish more in my 2nd period, the class I have on my own. This is probably because I have control over the pace and what material is covered during the period. I brought home a long list of things to do this weekend. Hopefully, I can get the whole week's lessons planned out.


The Knox Clan said...

Yeah! You made it through the first week. I glad it was a short one. I know that you are excited to be teaching. I still can't believe you have a room full of Jeremys. Bless you!! We miss you but are glad that you are having fun. Thanks for the update.


Alan Knox said...

In spite of what Margaret said, some of us wish you wouldn't have as much fun and would decide to move back to NC.


Lindsay H. said...

I am a couple of days late checking in but I am glad everything went so well.