Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Ready....Get Set....

I am nearing the starting line of the school year. I am sure that this 1st year at West Laurens High School will certainly feel like a race. I have been in the process these last several weeks of planning, cutting out letters for bulletin boards, and trying to clean and organize my classroom. I am starting to feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks still to be completed, but at some point I know I have to let the little things go and just start teaching. I can't wait to meet my students! I am sure this year will be a challenge and a joy. I appreciate so much all of the support and prayers my friends and family have given me. I don't know if I would be as ready as I am without the work my mother, Jackie, has put into my classroom. When I get discouraged or frustrated, she is here to cheer me on and prod me to keep moving forward. I have certainly put her to work this summer.

My dog, Chloe, is loving Georgia. She has her summer haircut right now. My dad keeps telling her she looks like a skinned rat. It took me some time, but I have finally gotten used to the way she looks without all of her fluff. Although, I prefer the "fluff". Chloe loves spending time with my mom and Dad and going next door to visit my Grannie and Papaw. She has a lot of yard to run around in here and has a new favorite past time. Chloe is fond of chasing all of the butterflies that are attracted to the flowering plants in my parent's yard. She runs after them and follows whatever path they take. Thankfully she is starting to listen to me and comes back when I call her. I have only had to chase her down a few times.


Maƫl said...

NAKED Chloe!

We love y'all and miss you.

Alan Knox said...

What? A blog? Did you tell us about this?

We love you and miss you too!


Alan Knox said...

I finally got your email about the blog... sorry... our email is awful!