Saturday, June 20, 2009

Loving Summer!

I made it through my first year of teaching with minimal drama. I certainly learned a lot and know that next year will be even better. I am loving summer vacation. I had the opportunity to keep my younger nephew, Benjamin, this past week. He is so cute. Chloe loves him and followed him everywhere. He kept telling me that Chloe wouldn't leave him alone. She was always giving him kisses. He would come and hug me and tell me he loved me while we were playing computer games, watching tv, or just hanging out. We played games at my house, went to the movies to see Up (3-D), went by my mom's office, went to the library, and spent many hours playing in the large blow-up pool my mom has for my nephews. Always busy and full of energy, that is how I describe Benjamin. It was interesting to watch him go full steam and then all of a sudden, if he got still, he would be asleep. The only little mishap - was that Ben through up one evening after going to the movie. I think the popcorn had too much butter on it for his little stomach to handle and unfortunately it would up all over my kitchen floor. For those who know me--this is not my strong area---however, I did get Ben out of his yucky clothes, in the bath, and then began to clean the kitchen. Thankfully my mom came and finished up the kitchen floor for me b/c I had had about all I could take. Oh, well. (Margaret - this made me think of Jeremy and pizza and root beer.) All in all, it was a great week. I am glad that it went well. It makes me think I can handle it another time. Now I am busy washing and packing for Hawaii b/c I leave in two days. I am so excited to see Sherry. Hawaii is second. I can't wait to just be with Sherry and hang out and talk.

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Maƫl said...

OK, so ... it's waaaaaaaayyyyyy past summer now.