Saturday, April 25, 2009

I love birthdays.

April is such a full month. I know so many people who have birthdays during the last two weeks of April - including me. It is so fun to be able to celebrate with so many friends even though we are far apart. I hope everyone - Alice, David, Will, Margaret, Robyn, Dwayne, and Jason all have wonderful birthdays, celebrating with their family and friends. I am at my mom and dad's house today. My sister, Shelley, and her boys, Andrew and Benjamin, are here as well. We are having a small celebration tonight. Then tomorrow, after church, we are going to Macon, GA to eat at my favorite restaurant - Olive Garden. I can't wait. My mom and sister are attempting to make my favorite dessert, Chocolate Lasagna, today at home since Olive Garden no longer carries it. We will see how it turns out. I hope it tastes good.
My students can't believe that I am in my thirties. They keep telling me that they think I am only 25 or so. I just laugh and tell them I really am in my thirties. I can't believe we only have 30 days left of school. I really have made it through my first year. We selected room assignments for the new school on Thursday. I suppose this means I have a job for next year. According to the state, the schools don't have to give contracts to teachers until May 15th this year. It usually is April 15th that contracts have to go out by. We will begin moving everything over to the new school on June 5th.

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