Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Thanksgiving break has been much needed. I have done a little of all of my favorite things over the past five days - reading, shopping, spending time with family, and watching movies. My sister and her two boys came and spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with me. We had a great time. Andrew and Ben are so much fun. They kept me laughing. We went bowling Wednesday night and they had a ball. Ben, the three year old, was so cute rolling the ball down the lane. Andrew, the five year old, tried so hard to beat Shelley and me. Too cute! Thanksgiving day was very nice. My Grannie made a lovely dinner and then we hung out as a family and watched The Godfather. Shelley, the boys, and I went shopping Friday morning...not at 4 am. We shopped for a couple of hours with the boys until they hit their shopping wall. Andrew, who is a lot like me, needs a plan before you leave the house of how many stores we are going to. I talked him into 5 stores. Thankfully, he usually counts the mall as one store. We went to 3 stores the way he was counting. I could tell he and his brother were getting tired so I told them we could go home and didn't need to go to stores 4 and 5. Andrew said, "Aunt Patti, that is a great plan. Are we still going to get long chicken nuggets for lunch?" I had told them earlier that we could go to Zaxby's for lunch. So we drove through on the way home. Oh, while we were shopping that day, little Ben happened to knock down three racks of clothes. He likes to hide under the clothes and scare us. One of the racks was wobbly already and I had almost knocked it down. I set it up straight and was walking away when Ben rushed past me. Next thing I knew 3 racks of clothes were on the floor and Ben kept saying "I'm sorry...It was an accident." He is too cute for words.

Well it is back to school tomorrow. I have three weeks to make it until Christmas holidays. It is going to be a stressful three weeks with the students having to take their end of course tests. I hope I have prepared them well enough.

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